You're almost done!

Yes, your parenting is almost done. When your son or daughter graduates college they face one big and final hurdle to their successful career and sustainable lifestyle. And they will need your help. Are you ready?

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The Grad Stumble

The graduate stumble

When university and college ends, most graduates experience a challenging and sometimes painful transition to the real world. Their pain can become yours. Let us help you make your son or daughter's career launch a smooth and successful one.

So you can feel confident they are really on their way.

How we help you

We are professionals who understand the "graduate stumble" and how it impacts parents. From seeking further financial support to moving back home, you may face a host of questions about navigating this new phase of parenting. We can:

  • Consult with you on how to support your new graduate through the challenging transition from university to the real world.
  • Work with you as questions, concerns, and uncertainties arise.
  • Provide concrete tools, strategies, and resources for ensuring they create a great career launch plan...and follow through with it.

So you can feel assured knowing your son or daughter is moving in the right direction.

Professional Support for Parents

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Structure. Guidance. Coaching.

Structure. Guidance. Coaching.

Unlike university, the work world of today is very unstructured. This is a real challenge for new graduates: "I don't want to mess up and I don't want to be embarrassed."

We heard this. So we created structured, guided, coaching programs for new graduates that build independent working skills. Your son or daughter will be led through a career development plan, in a professional work environment, practicing world-class skills daily, with one-on-one coaching support.

We've got this. You can relax.

Career Coaching for Graduates

Why 'Coaching?'

The world of work is evolving rapidly. Automation, rapid technology adoption, and startup culture are just a few of the key words. Successfully launching a career after university or college can be a solo shot in the dark or a supported collaborative approach that builds confidence, skills, and focus in this changing world.

Working with a professional career coach accelerates your launch and helps you shoot higher!

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Why Us?

We are seasoned professionals who are young enough to 'get' what today's uncertain world feels like as a young adult and old enough to understand how to navigate today's complexities.

With our decades of combined experience guiding, teaching, leading, and coaching, we help new graduates navigate today's realities with integrity, clarity, and maybe even a renewed sense that this can be an exciting journey!

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Sometimes it is just easier to connect with a real person.

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