"Now what?"

Start your career, of course! However, the transition between university or college and the world of work can be a challenging one. We understand and can help you launch your career more quickly and easily!

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Career Launch Plan!

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We hear you

"My parents have really supported me through my education. I want to make them proud by getting a good job right away, but I am burnt out from years of studying. How do I move forward AND take a break?"

With a plan. We can show you how.

Career Coaching for Graduates

Transitions 101

We are experts at the three areas of transition you will experience:

  • From being a student to seeing the world from the perspective of employers and clients.
  • Becoming confident in what you have to offer, and not settling for less than you are worth.
  • From structured learning to embracing the skills needed to manage your work responsibilites and to enjoy your freedom, too!

Ready to launch with confidence?

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What next?

How we can help

If you are finding the transition from college to your career a challenge, we can help! Our mission:

  • To walk beside you through the transition, supporting you with coaching on how to launch your career successfully.
  • To provide structured guidance that you can adapt to your own needs, allowing you to step into your success in your own way.
  • To listen and support the real, authentic you. This transition is about you and your journey to a successful career and sustainable lifestyle.

This is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life. Let's make it so!

Career Coaching for Graduates

Why 'Coaching?'

The world of work is evolving rapidly. Automation, rapid technology adoption, and startup culture are just a few of the key words. Successfully launching your career after university or college can be a solo shot in the dark or a supported collaborative approach that builds your confidence, skills, and focus in this changing world.

Working with a professional career coach accelerates your launch and helps you shoot higher!

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Why Us?

We are seasoned professionals who are young enough to 'get' what today's uncertain world feels like as a young adult and old enough to understand how to navigate today's complexities.

With our decades of combined experience guiding, teaching, leading, and coaching, we can help you navigate today's realities with integrity, clarity, and maybe even a renewed sense that this can be an exciting journey!

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Present the best you!

Want to stand out?

When it comes to being considered by an employer for a possible interview and then for the position itself, you need to stand out. We can help you build the courage, confidence, and professional image you need to show your best to the world.

We offer professional career image makeovers ("personal branding") as part of our coaching packages and as standalone options.

Look professional. Stand out.

Career Image Makeovers

Sometimes it is just easier to connect with a real person.

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