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Professional Career Image Makeovers

We are experienced professionals who have both practical and expert understanding of what it takes to look professional and interact professionally. Even more importantly, we have the rare ability to see the real and authentic YOU and the emotional intelligence to help you bring yourself out for the world to see. Your work with us is safe, confidential, and private, so you can feel you are stepping carefully into your new professional self with trusted help by your side.

Present the best you!

Online Career Image Makeover

Our "do it now!" package. You get started today with specific actions steps from our Image Makeover Guide, followed by an online video coaching session with one of our expert coaches to help you take the next steps. We will help you zero in on just the areas you need help with.

Included in this package:

  • A live online coaching session with an expert coach
  • Our Image Makeover Guide, with step-by-step instructions for crafting your online image
  • A review of your online image by our team
  • How to get professional photos done
  • How to create a professional introduction video, including a template script, how and why to hire a professional videographer, and tips on do-it-yourself video options
  • 3 months of email support
  • $250

Start your career image makeover today!

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The FULL Career Image Makeover Package

Present the best you!
Present the best you!
Present the best you!

The Full Career Image Makeover

This full package is where you work in-person with us to create the new confident, clear, and professional you! We do it all: Social media presence consulting, Arranging and directing your photo shoot, coaching you on your professional introduction video (which we direct and film!), and more. Ready to shine in a big way?

Full Career Image Makeover Package

Our package includes the following:

  • In-person in-depth exploration of how to present the full authentic you to the world.

  • Coached Development of a clear, comfortable, and confident personal presence when meeting new people in a professional manner. We role-play this in-person with you so you can practice safely and privately.

  • A "what's holding you back?" coaching session with our specialist at helping you clear concerns, anxieties, and emotions that could be holding you back from presenting your best self.

  • Audit and consultation on your professional and social media presence strategy. Facebook, Linkedin, and other platforms specific to your career goals.

  • Professional photography for your online and offline use. We set up the professionally staged photo shoot for you, and get you prepped for it, too.

  • Creation of a professionally filmed and edited "personal branding" video included in this package! We make this a safe, fun, and maybe even exciting experience by helping you with "what to say" and setting up a telepromter for you to read from, too. No memorization required!

    Check out some of the videos we have created for clients!

Package price: $2,500

Available in-person now in Vancouver and Victoria, BC at the package price noted. We also provide this service on-demand for professional clients in all major cities in Canada and the U.S. Please contact us for more information.

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