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About First Chapter Careers

First Chapter Careers focuses on supporting recent university and college graduates as they transition from their education to sustainable careers and lifestyles. We also support their parents and the organzations who hire new graduates and need them to succeed in the first year of employment.

Paul Kurucz
Paul Kurucz

Paul Kurucz has decades of experience working with youth, young adults, and university & college graduates. Having heard from numerous recent graduates and parents about the "gap" between post-secondary education and "real world", and the lack of support for the challenging transition across this gap, Paul Kurucz decided to do something about it. The result? First Chapter Careers: Professional coaching to support new and recent graduates, their parents, and the managers and leaders of organizations who hire bright young adults!

Paul Kurucz


"Over the last 25 years as a university professor, I walked beside dozens of graduates as they transitioned from their studies to the real world. This work was outside of my mandate to teach them in the lecture hall. I did it because they asked for the coaching and support and I really wanted them to succeed after they graduated. In the last few years more and more of my students have sought out my support as they faced an ever more complex and challenging job market.

When a university education ends and a graduate's independent life begins, there comes a time of profound transition, which takes courage, support, and the learning of new skills. And there is little or no formal support offered to university graduates for this transition. Only loving parents have their best interests at heart.

So, I decided to step up and be that support, for those graduates who hear that I care about them and their future. Coaching is a powerful process because every graduate is a unique and special person, with a mix of strengths only they have."

Paul brings his 25 years of business teaching, training, consulting, coaching, technology leadership, and entrepreneurship experience to First Chapter Careers. Educated at the Western University in London, ON, Paul focuses on helping new graduates transition to the workplace and on helping managers and leaders integrate new professional employees into their existing teams to quickly ramp up productivity and minimize the risk of attrition.

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Paul Kurucz


"I learned more in one hour of coaching with you than in a whole year of my internship preparation course."

- A recent MBA graduate
"I love how you help me find my own answers rather than telling me!"

- a university graduate
"I always feel better when we meet. You make it so simple and clear. Because it is. But it seems so complicated!"

- A mature university graduate re-entering the workplace.
"You are really good at this. You should be a coach!"

- A university student.